Life in Misawa Day One

Jack landed in Misawa after a 13 hour flight from Seattle in the middle of the night. This is what it looked like.

Welcome to Misawa, Japan

Welcome to Misawa, Japan

He says the whole department came out to meet him and everyone was very welcoming.  They showed him around his base and took him to get some food for his room. He has one all to himself and with a tiny kitchenette!  It was snowing like crazy with snow drifts everywhere but says it didn’t feel that cold because of his “awesome” clothing.  We had gone to Dick’s Sporting Goods before he left where he picked up der uber Columbia and Under Armor ski wear.

He says the best part for him is the great feeling at finally being at his duty station to start working at his craft.  He is looking forward to starting his qualification program and ready to “hit the ground running.”  Another focus right away is to get proficient with his Japanese.  He took Japanese while in high school when we were living out in Los Angeles.  Even the English speaking Japanese there are hard for him to understand because of the accent, something I had told him to be prepared for.  I had many English speaking Japanese friends when I lived in Japan but their pronunciation of words sometimes made it a challenge.  I recommended he also take up pantomime, another helpful form of communication living in Japan. 🙂

Finally, the overall message I got was that he seems really pleased with where he’s at…feeling confident, hopeful and excited about all the new adventures stretched out before him.  I can’t tell you how tremendous it feels to watch your kid finally achieving the dreams and goals they’ve reached for and seeing the satisfaction and sense of well-being in them that accomplishment brings them.  In the midst of the tumultuous dynamics of our everyday world, this is the gift you’re given as a parent that shines so brightly, it eclipses everything, bathes you in its warm glow and the perfect memory is created.

I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life.