Chicken Sweaters

Oh yeah…..this is an actual product for sale on Etsy. I don’t know how long it will be up so there is the pic and the link to the actual listing.  At only $14.99 it seems like a deal to me!

Chickens molting? Backs getting bare? A hand-crocheted chicken sweater will keep your chickens warm during cold, windy or snowy days. Machine wash and dry. 100% acrylic yarn. Do not iron.

For the best individualized fit, please measure the chicken’s neck , the length from just above the wings to where the tail feathers begin, and around your chicken’s tummy and back where the sweater should end in the front. (Standard sizes are listed below, but measurements are very helpful. Approximate sizes (without your chicken’s measurements) are:

My model, Mack, is not included…he is now a permanent resident in our home….ready to model at any time!

Sweater for your Chicken

chicken sweater chicken sweater 2


2 thoughts on “Chicken Sweaters

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my chicken sweaters on your blog. That was terrific of you to do that. Hope folks enjoy seeing them! Have a wonderful day.

    Pam Todd

  2. Anyone clever enough to create sweaters for chickens deserves all the publicity she can get. We wish you all the chickeny good luck we can!!

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