Next Stop – Japan

It’s a world filled with ramen, cutesy poo phone danglies and people who are shy. I’m heading back to Japan, the place I used to live, to visit friends. Honshu is the island most people know of, at least peripherally because Tokyo is on it, but this time I’m headed to its northernmost prefecture, Aomori to a little town called Misawa.

Misawa, home to the only US military base in the Pacific housing Navy, Marines and Air Force personnel in one location, and Japanese military too. Famous for its apple growing farms and close to the lake where the Japanese practiced for their attack on Pearl Harbor, Misawa should be vastly different than Tokyo, my old home base.

I’m down to my last two weeks before I leave and the preparations are fast and furious now. I’m so excited to take me feet on the road again.

I’m not sure where my wanderlust came from. As a child I read voraciously and I think it fueled my imagination. A restlessness sets in if I don’t travel for too long and a visit with people I love in a faraway land sounds like just the balm I’m seeking.

Two more weeks…


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