“B” Actors and Why They Rock

If asked what celebrities I admire, I would have to say my answer is “B” actors. I like Missi Pyle. I like Stephen Tobolowsky. I like Jeffrey Jones. This type of strong supporting character resonates with me.


Sure there are actors who are more beautiful or prettier, or more handsome but “B” actors often give such a shining performance they steal the show. People like Lainey Kazan who haven’t made their mark with their looks but, instead, with their understated and spectacular performances. It’s a charisma they exude which makes their performance so memorable.

Who can forget her great line in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, ” I know….it’s a cake!”
I can identify with this. I’m certainly not the prettiest, or the smartest, or the cleverest girl. I know that I will never be Grace Kelly. I accept I will always be Daisy Mae Duke, a veritable Rube that can only be polished up to a point.


I have charisma though. Like these “B” actors, I make my mark in a more subtle way but one that is remembered, and that serves me well.

Plus, they’re just funny people dang it, and I heard a quote in a movie that sums up much for how I view the world, “The measure of a man is his sense of humor.” -Peter Dinklage, The Station Agent.

I couldn’t agree more.


2 thoughts on ““B” Actors and Why They Rock

  1. I totally know what you are saying. Not everyone can be an A list actor even in life. I may not be a leading man, but I’m definitely a great supporting actor and the A lists couldn’t do it without me. Plus we have more fun.

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