Engrish, Bad English and Just Plain Wrong English

They try so hard but Japan and other Asian countries frequently misuse or incorrectly use words and phrases that make for so much fun. And although I tease, you have to give them credit for trying. I defy anyone to point to an English speaking culture that works as hard to communicate with them as they do with us.

Disclaimer firmly in place….I now offer up some amusement.

That hot “Pappery” taste


Woman cleanser (for when you need to cleanse the woman bits)


Spark Up McCol (I don’t know what spark up means to you but I know what it means to me.) (McCol = McCool?)


Picking Up Cigarette Butts is Hot Sweaty Work


Shiny Apple Juice


Concentrated Distinguishment


Who needs Bling When You Can Have Blang?


Contetti (It’s even better than confetti!)


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