Kentucky Fried Christmas

Back in the 80s, Japan truly opened itself up to doing business with Western countries and Kentucky Fried Chicken swooped in and established itself as the fast food restaurant du force. KFC did such a great job becoming a part of their culture that it is THE Christmas meal to provide to your family at Christmas.

KFC’s business is so great during the Christmas season that the Japanese call months ahead to place their Christmas order.

All of this I find very strange because if you go into a grocery store you’ll find they sell hardly any chicken products. They don’t really cook chicken there. Beef? Yes. Pork? Hell yeah. Chicken? Not so much.

BTW – go into a KFC and you won’t be able to get any mashed potatoes. They don’t eat them that way. But, you will be able to order an eggplant milkshake. It’s purple.

Go figure.




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