Everyone went to school with her. She has long blonde hair and draws realistic pictures of horses. You knew Jennifer, didn’t you?

Goodbye Sweet Friend 

14 years of love and friendship.  #rainbowbridge

Hat for your dog


Actual product in a pet store in Japan

Baby piglet in socks

I think my heart just exploded.


Space Galaxy Cosmo Kitty


What I Did on My Summer Vacation

As a kid, everyone had to write this theme when they returned to  school. I no longer attend school but it seemed worthy enough to share my summer activities here.

  • Took glassblowing classes
  • Trained my cat to jump through hoops
  • Writing a book on weddings
  • Made 2 hats: one pillbox and one Carmen Miranda fruit hat
  • Teaching myself shorthand
  • Getting good at putting a diaper on my elderly cat
  • Cataloging a tediously large collection of books I’ve been dragging around forever so I can sell them.

glass blowing class

glass blowing class

Pan Am Pill Box Hat

Pan Am Pill Box Hat

My cat, Rabies on his learning course

My cat, Rabies on his learning course