Dreamy Dreamer!!

I dream the most fabulous dreams, and in glorious technicolor. Sometimes I lay my head right back on the pillow to sleep, then wake to write them as short stories, or add content to my script. Last night’s dream was awesome; let’s just say I saved that Denny’s from the bear using only my wits, black pepper and cayenne pepper from the kitchen. Ha hah!!!

Scary SCUBA Dream

Years ago a ValueJet plane went down in the murky waters of the Everglades. This is a vivid dream I had when they were recovering what was left of it.

I was a scuba diver on the recovery team, and I dove down, making my way into the plane. It’s completely black down in that gloomy depth, and I’m doing everything by touch. Going row by row, I come across a body. Slowly and carefully, I take it back to the surface. When I get there and take my mask off, I look down at the body and see it is me.

Even in my dream, I can feel my blood run cold and terror wash over me despite the fact that I know it’s a dream. I know this because they never found anything intact. It was all tiny little pieces due to the tremendous impact of the crash.

I terrified me nonetheless.