My Love Affair with Food Continues

  • Soft fresh dark pumpernickel topped with savory trout smoked fish dip.
  • Mini Baybel cheeses in their delightful red suitcases.
  • Slices of honey ham or roasted turkey.
  • Straight from the Jewish deli, a nice white chicken salad spread with optional red currant jelly topping. 
  • Banana slices with almond butter dollops.
  • Lychees in heavy sweet syrup.
  • Green, black and kalamata olives with roasted red peppers and Pearl onions cold salad mix.
  • Über buttery hard pretzel sticks.
  • A pale Sleepytime tea with individual honey pot.
  • A small glass of chilled white wine as a digestive.
  • Icy cold glass of Coca-Cola. 

My New Religion

I’ve decided to start my own religion, Church of Bobrossian of the Latter Day Paints, achieving peace through happy little clouds.

Hollow Woman

My tale begins in the arms of my lover. “You look pale,” he says, brushing a lock of chestnut brown hair behind my ear. “I haven’t been feeling well lately,” I reply. Confusion sets in as I contemplate the fact that I’m normally as rudely healthy as a peasant. It disconcerts me.

Days later, after being diagnosed with “walking pneumonia” or what I like to call “walking dead” (see below visual representation) the confusion has been replaced with gasping as I lay in bed trying to breathe. I never thought it could happen to me, and didn’t understand what was happening.

Daytime health achievements were followed by debilitating, tear wringing nights with my heart fluttering in my chest like a caged bird seeking release from its chambers as I fought to get oxygen into my body.

And so…. the worst is over. I am on the mend. Like a storm that has ridden in on churning clouds and vicious winds that fall away on gossamer threads leaving only silent contemplation in its wake, the worst has crested and I’m left with aftermath.

I am weak. Walking only a short distance requires a rest on each end. I must still wear a mask, not because I may infect someone but because my immune system is as fragile as a china teacup.

But I feel me. I am in here. It’s only a matter of time until I’m healed. 

I look forward to the day when in my beauty and strength once again compel and propel me into the arms of my lover.

For now, for today, I am simply….

The Hollow Woman

Philosophy by Mark Twain


When I Was a Kid

Whenever my mom was done giving me a bath and dressing me in my jammies, my dad would sing a little song.

“I see your heinie.
All bright and shiny.
Every time you wiggle.
It makes me giggle.”

He also used to call me, “FrogMog.”

Gay Marriage in Florida

This was an epic week for me this week. Florida is now the most populous state in America so you think it would be a pretty cosmopolitan place but gay marriage has eluded us so long…..until this past Tuesday when gay weddings became legal.

I marry people for a living and I was the first person to marry a gay couple in north Florida.

Meet Tim and Garlyn would finally made their dream come true.


Best part for me. It was covered by AP and I ended up un nearly every major newspaper including national outlets like US News and world report.


My Top Ten List of Heroes

Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Richard Dawkins
Isaac Newton
Stephen Hawkins
Edmond Halley
Bill Nye
Michael Farraday
Albert Einstein
Dalai Lama
Christopher Hitchins